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June 16, 2021by Rita Nyarkoh0
It’s all about Home Décor on a Budget!!!


Next to the kitchen, the living room is the most important room in the home. True to its name, it’s where life happens. It’s where guests are welcomed, where you spend lazy times watching movies, reading etc. It’s actually one of the first spaces you see when you enter your home.
We thought so you want it to look luxurious. The good news is, you don’t have to spend busloads of cash to make it look like you spent a lot of money. In some cases, you don’t even need to spend a thing!

Here are 5 ideas to try out

1. Create a layered lighting concept by hanging a great light in place of a traditional table lamp. Adding dimmer switches is also another way to make a room feel and look expensive—this lets you adjust the lighting so your room feels warm and cozy.

2. Invest in textiles by dressing up your room is with great throw pillows. You don’t have to spend lots of money on this. You can head to Amazon for $12.99. The workaround is go to your local fabric store and find beautiful yards of fabric to buy. Then off you go to find a seamstress to sew your throw pillows for you depending on the size you want. You could also sew them yourself if you’re crafty or want to pick up some sowing habits as a hobby.
If you find a great piece of fabric that’s more than 2 yards, get an equivalent amount of a cheap, soft backing and make a throw. An oversized, beautiful throw casually draped in the room will make it feel more luxurious and expensive.

3. Make sure your curtains hit the floor by measuring the window before you go to the store. You could also make your own on the cheap—just pick up a sheer, lightweight cotton fabric, and get it to your seamstress. Try basic black, basic black, inexpensive, curtain rods and brackets because they aren’t distracting or noticeable.

4. Invest in large-scale art by checking out secondhand shops and estate sales for pieces with a backstory. If you’re on a budget, get creative and do it yourself (all you need is a giant canvas from an art supply store and the medium of your choice. Remember that the best art has a personal significance.

5. Incorporate texture by mixing it up. Design experts recommend incorporating a variety of woods, glass, metals, and woven materials to create a look that’s collected, not matchy-matchy. The feel of a woolen sofa, the soft and silk velvet pillow, or the supple texture of a quality leather are unmistakable luxury that you not only see but any guest can feel. If you’re on a budget, toss a faux-fur blanket or throw on your couch, jazz up leather chairs with fun pillows in chunky knit cases, or incorporate brushed brass accent pieces on a reclaimed wood coffee table.

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